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Education can be a hugely powerful experience and enabler of a hopeful, rewarding, enriching, and successful life. But, it is something that doesn't just drop in your have to grab it by the horns! Authentic education or learning should give you pause, spark your curiosity, and motivate you to act. Your core subjects are extremely important, yet your learning will be accomplished in many other ways, often by collaboration and almost always by the sharing of ideas. This page is about that: sharing ideas.

6 May 12 (Mr. Kitchens): The more scientists and engineers work with nature (instead of against), the more brilliant and helpful they find nature to be. Check out this very cool website regarding the applications we're able to copy from nature:
  • Relevance: Nature is many things to us, and we often find the solution to our problem sits right under our nose in nature.
6 May 12 (Mr. Kitchens): You've probably heard of nanotechnology, but did you know that a nano-meter is one billionth of a meter! That explains why nanotechnology is about all things small...very small! Here's a cool interactive site that will "give you the scoop" on the key aspects of nanotechnology: (click on "What is a SEM" for some great photos and a video). 

What are some of the ethical implications of applying nanotechnology? Check out a "How it Works" video on the subject of being responsible with nanotechnology: Here's an article on how using nanotechnology to control dangerous bacteria can also be a problem for "good" bacteria:

Here's another very interesting image site (see the "gecko" foot):

Play the game, Nanocure
  • Relevance: Nanotechnology is an increasingly popular and groundbreaking area of discovery that promises huge science and technology applications. The applications of nanotechnology are also creating numerous points of discussion and controversy, so getting educated on the topic is important.
10 Apr 12 (Mr. Kitchens): If you like Star Wars, Tron, and similar futuristic, cool stuff, you should take a look at the following site. It's about a new type of hybrid motorcycle/car that runs on batteries and gets 200 miles for every charge. Lit Motors website: Cool video (need to scroll down):

  • Relevance: A great example of thinking outside the box with math and engineering to deliver a potentially "sea change" real world transportation alternative.

31 Mar 12 (Mr. Kitchens): Take a look at the following important and compelling photos of leopard seals, polar bears, and others, plus some serious and hilarious narrative by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic photographer. (Forewarning: if you have a weak stomach, there are some relatively raw photos of nature taking it's course--polar bears eating seals...but, only photos, no video):

  • Relevance: A great example of how to apply a hobby (photography) not only for enjoyment, but to influence others and make a difference in this world.

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